Hit the reset button in your mind: healing with ACIM and Jesus

If we really take the teachings very sincerely from Jesus in A Course In Miracles ACIM we know Jesus will always go before us and give us whatever we seem to need, and will actually take care of us as long as we need to be taken care of. And Jesus is calling us into an experience, an actual experience. As we go deeper we have to let go of all of our concepts of God, we have been taught that sometimes God favors other things instead of just being pure Love and pure acceptance. We have things called religions and philosophies, different theologies, but in the end we must yield all those things away too. And so you might say we are on a very deep journey together, to practice every day at hitting the reset button. Wake-up every morning and say, “You’re going to have to show me the way today. My best plans have not solved the error. My best plans have not shown me the correction, maybe it’s hidden but I know I do need help to find it.” No person finds this correction because it is much deeper than our personality self and we need lots of miracles to show us the way. We need to feel that things are showing up in our world, like signs and symbols and good feelings that tell us that we’re going in the right direction. Because even if we have not found the reset button, we would feel hopeful if we know that we’re moving in the right direction.

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Now part of our programming is, we’re always making decisions and it’s important to make the right decisions because the right decisions will lead us towards happiness and the wrong decisions will lead us towards pain and guilt and suffering. But we live in the land of many choices and it seems to get more and more complicated with these many choices, we need to be trained how to make the right decisions in our mind and in the end Jesus in ACIM will tell us there’s only one decision that’s important, to accept your one responsibility and to accept the correction. Out of all the trillions of seeming choices, only one matters, that’s amazing when you look at all the decisions we seem to make as a human being, only one counts and the rest don’t count. You don’t have to answer for them when you get back to Heaven, God is not going to say, “Why did you choose that?” None of them count except the correction, and just to begin to acknowledge this, is a huge thing because this acknowledgment is the beginning of the end of guilt. This acknowledgment is the beginning of true happiness and that’s what we want in our hearts, we want to be truly happy. And so, this journey involves a lot of trust as our life becomes more simple, more focused, the ego will try to distract us. I know in my life I even had people saying to me, “Don’t get too happy,” and I would say, “I didn’t know if you can be too happy.” Because there’s an expectation that you’re going to have good, and you’re going to have bad, that’s part of the ego program. And you’re supposed to expect the good with the bad and if you get to happy, then you might be going crazy and if you get exceedingly happy you probably should be locked up, your happiness could become a danger to society.

So we have to let go of the ego program. I’m very sincere about what I’m talking about. These are not casual things, these are very important to us and happiness is an important experience. We have tried in many ways to find that happiness and we have not succeeded in many ways, but success and happiness is very, very important. In fact, I would say that would be a good way to define success, are you happy? Again, that does not fit with the ego program. If you go to a job interview to interview for a position you probably won’t be asked if you are happy. The employer is not always that interested if you’re happy, it’s what are your skills, can you do the job, can you be at work on time, can you be loyal to the company, since many employers are not interested in happiness as a priority compared to profit. ACIM has a goal of forgiveness that sets our goal as true happiness.

So what we need to do is, learn to be inspired by that Truth. Learn to acknowledge that that is important to us to strengthen in our own awareness how very important this is, to demonstrate this to ourselves, to demonstrate this to our children, our families, our friends, and to have the courage to put this correction first in our life before everything else. If we do this then we are moving in the right direction and we have been told that if we put this first in our mind that the means to achieve it, to accept it, will be given to us, and that’s where faith comes in. Once we point in the right direction we have to have faith that everything we need will be given to us. So Jesus in ACIM has given us just one goal, or one assignment, why would he not give us the means to achieve the assignment, you must already have the means as well. And this is what we keep in awareness, we can say with honesty, “I do not know the way, but you are with me and you will show me the way, and this is all that I need to know. I don’t need to have a resume’ to get back to God. I don’t need to prove something to God, to get back to God, I must accept the means.”

Let me use a practical example for practicing ACIM, as we begin to learn that everything is a decision. And if everything is a decision then sickness must be a decision as well, and so there must be a reset button for sickness. Everyone that gets sick does not know that reset button, the idea that I am doing this to myself seems like a crazy idea to a sick person, and you can tell this because the sick person is looking for, what made me sick? That’s why you go see a doctor, the doctor is supposed to tell you what in the world made you sick and often times the doctors to busy, too busy to do their job. So then you go see a nurse to tell you what in the world made me sick? But now the nurses are too busy, there’s too many patients, too much medicine to give, their way too busy. So now it’s time to Google, because we all know if you can’t find the answers in people, then you have to go to Google and find the answers for yourself online. And if Google is too busy, then you go to Siri and say, “Siri, I’m not feeling well, what is the cause of my illness?” And she may refer to Google or tell you, “I’m not prepared to answer that.” So this is the question, why is she not prepared to answer this? Because the problem is in the question; nothing in the world made you sick, it’s a decision in your mind to be sick. You’ve decided to avoid the reset button and come up with all kinds of other searches on what made you sick.

Imagine how different the world would be if everyone just listened to Jesus and his amazing, clear teachings in A Course In Miracles ACIM. Now we have developed online courses based on ACIM, under the name ACIM Courses. These are some of the most healing courses you will ever encounter in your life. Because everyone is worthy of finding true happiness within.

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